Richard Lewis
Lewis is an Emmy Award winning Production Designer. His film credits include COMING TO AMERICA for John Landis, THE MONEY PITT for Richard Benjamin, and WHORE for Ken Russell. CGI design includes THE LOT, JURASSIC PARK, YOUNG RIDERS and AMAZING STORIES, among others. He is a Computer World Honors 2001 Laureate Media Arts and Entertainment, and a 1998 Art Directors Guild Award Nominee.

Zemeckis/Nemeroff Films present    A Film by Terry Nemeroff    Peter Facinelli    Leslie Zemeckis    and Christopher Lloyd    " ENFANTS TERRIBLES "
Music by Didier Rachou    Editor John Axelrad    Production Designer Richard Lewis    Music Supervisor Joel Sill
Director of Photography Stephen Sheridan    Produced by Leslie Zemeckis and Terry Nemeroff    Written & Directed by Terry Nemeroff

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