Leslie Zemeckis
Zemeckis is a veteran of the stage and screen. Her film credits include Robert Zemeckisí POLAR EXPRESS, BEOWOLF, and A CHRISTMAS CAROL, SACRIFICE with Michael Madsen, and BLOWBACK with Mario Van Peebles. She is also the writer/director/producer of the documentaries BEHIND THE BURLY Q, and BOUND BY FLESH.

Zemeckis/Nemeroff Films present    A Film by Terry Nemeroff    Peter Facinelli    Leslie Zemeckis    and Christopher Lloyd    " ENFANTS TERRIBLES "
Music by Didier Rachou    Editor John Axelrad    Production Designer Richard Lewis    Music Supervisor Joel Sill
Director of Photography Stephen Sheridan    Produced by Leslie Zemeckis and Terry Nemeroff    Written & Directed by Terry Nemeroff

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