Christopher Lloyd, Leslie Zemeckis and Peter Facinelli in ENFANTS TERRIBLES
Curtis and Finnie are expecting some big things. On their way to securing their future from a most unlikely place, they encounter the mysterious Reverend Burr and are forced to make some agonizing choices that will change all three lives forever. Things are never quite what they seem in this twisted, wicked black comedy of lethal greed and even deadlier desire.

Zemeckis/Nemeroff Films present    A Film by Terry Nemeroff    Peter Facinelli    Leslie Zemeckis    and Christopher Lloyd    " ENFANTS TERRIBLES "
Music by Didier Rachou    Editor John Axelrad    Production Designer Richard Lewis    Music Supervisor Joel Sill
Director of Photography Stephen Sheridan    Produced by Leslie Zemeckis and Terry Nemeroff    Written & Directed by Terry Nemeroff

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